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(Step 2: Add Product Name and Price.)
(Step 2: Add Product Name and Price.)
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iThemes Exchange makes it quick and easy for you to get your online store up and running. One of your first steps is going to be adding a product.



Step 1: Visit the Add Product Page.

To create a new product in Exchange, you’ll go to the Exchange > Add Product page.


Step 2: Add Product Name and Price.

In the new product screen, you’ll start by naming your product and setting a price.


Step 3: Enter a Product Description.

Next, you’ll describe your product. In this section, you’ll want just a brief description, maybe just 3-5 sentences.


Step 4: Add Product Images.

Then you can add images of your product. You can add as many images as you’d like, the large image at the top being your featured product image.


Step 5: Upload Product Files.

Now you can add the actual product files the customer will download.


Step 6: Publish Your Product.

Once you’ve added all the download files, the last step is to hit the publish button.


And that’s it! In 6 very simple steps, you’ve created your first product and added it to your store.

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