Adding a Subscription Form to a Post or Page

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When the EmailBuddy plugin is activated on your site it adds a shortcode button to the posts and page editors.


If you want to add a email subscription form to a post or page all you have to do is click that button and a popup form will ask for all of the information needed to customize that form.


Here is a list of the different form fields and the details for what each field is asking for.

  • List to subscribe to - This is a drop-down option that has a list of groups and events to choose which list the subscription form will add the subscribers to.
  • Submit button text - Set what the text on the submit button says.
  • Confirmation text or redirect URL - This option allows you to set what the confirmation message is when a visitor submits a subscription form.
  • Input form text (optional) - This text will be the default text in the input box that asks for the visitors email.
  • Custom form inputs(Your Name) - If this box is checked then the submission form will add a field asking for the subscribers name.

Shortcode Format Example: [emailbuddy type="event" list="0" button="Subscribe" confirmation="Thank you for subscribing!" ]

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