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Release date: June 29, 2011 (stable)


Ajax Edit Comments is a commercial WordPress plugin that allows users to edit their comments for a period of time. Administrators have a lot more features, such as the ability to edit comments directly on a post or page.

Server Requirements & Recommendations

Server configuration is a very complex topic and varies wildly between hosts, server operating systems, and even the personal preference of the server administrator. Below are the bare minimum requirements for the plugin along with the recommended setup to get the most out of this plugin. You may use ServerBuddy to help you determine how your server compares to our minimum requirements & recommendations.

Server Requirements & Recommendations

Minimum Requirements for functionality:

User Features

User editing their comment with a countdown timer

  • Can edit comments for a period of time without having to log in
  • Can spellcheck their comments before or after submission
  • Can delete or request deletion of their comment

Admin Features

  • Can edit all comments from a post or page
  • Can e-mail commenters directly from their comment
  • Can move comments from post to post
  • Can blacklist commenters and bulk-mark comments as spam
  • Can de-link (i.e., remove the link) that a commenter has left
  • Can moderate/spam/trash comments from a post or page
  • There's undo functionality for editing/moderating/spamming/trashing comments
  • Comprehensive permissions system to allow/disallow editing access

Advanced Features

  • WordPress multisite compatibility - Set up in one place and ripple down to all sites
  • Can choose the level of spam protection (e.g., Akismet)
  • Can disable trackbacks from showing in the comment section
  • Can disable self-pings (when you write a post referencing another on the same site)
  • Can disable no-follow in comments
  • Can disable Colorbox scripts/styles from loading on the front-end (if you have another Lightbox plugin you like to use)

Customization Features

  • Can choose between 12 different icon sets for appearance
  • Can choose between four viewing options for the icons (Text Only, Classic, Dropdown, Icons Only)
  • Can enable/re-arrange/disable features for the Dropdown and Classic views
  • Can overwrite styles to add your own and customize the look and feel of the editing interface and popups
  • Can adjust or disable the countdown timer
  • Can move the interface to the top or the bottom

Advertising Features

When a user leaves a comment, a comment edit interface will display allowing the user to edit their comment. You can place text below this interface, which will display as long as the user can edit their comment.

  • Can Enable/disable comment advertising
  • Can enter text (shortcodes are enabled) that will be shown to the user
  • Via shortcode, you can customize the message per user, IP location, nationality, etc...


What is the minimum WordPress version we can use this plugin on? WordPress 3.1 or greater

I installed the plugin and the edit buttons aren't shown or the colorbox popup is off

Roughly 90% of the issues Ajax Edit Comments experiences is with multiple versions of jQuery running. Check your page source, and if you have multiple copies of jQuery being inserted, this is likely the issue.

The most common culprit is the theme in the header.php area. Please refrain from hard-coding in scripts and use wp_enqueue_script('jquery') before the wp_head() call.

The most common colorbox conflict is when there is another lightbox plugin that uses their own version of colorbox. You can disable Ajax Edit Comments' version in the plugin settings.

Can I customize the CSS for the plugin?

Yes, you can do that through the Appearance tab in the plugin settings. From there, you can override the CSS and save your custom changes.

What is the De-link feature? If a user posts a comment, but includes a rather spammy link as their URL, you can click the De-link button to remove the person's link.v

What does the "Move Comment" feature do? Sometimes users leave a comment on the wrong post. With the "Move Comment" feature, you can select the comment, and move the comment to the correct post. You can do this by searching by the post title, the post ID, or by browsing your recent posts. Searching by Post Title and Post ID only shows the first five results. Browsing by posts should allow you access to all of your posts.

What is the "Request Deletion" feature? The "Request Deletion" feature is for anonymous users who leave comments. Sometimes a user has left a comment and would rather have it deleted than edit it. Call it buyer's remorse.

Once the user requests deletion, the comment is automatically "unapproved", the user is stripped of editing rights, and the admin of the blog is sent an e-mail of the deletion request. The admin can then decide whether to approve, edit, or delete the comment.

Can I provide a translation?

Yes, please go to our PluginBuddy Translators page to apply to be a translator.

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