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(Minimum Server Requirements (reduced functionality))
(Minimum Server Requirements (reduced functionality))
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* mySQL 4.x+
* mySQL 4.x+
** [ WordPress v3.2 will require mySQL 5.0.15+ (early 2011)]
** [ WordPress v3.2 will require mySQL 5.0.15+ (early 2011)]
* WordPress 3.0+ (MU & Multisite are not officially supported though reported to work for backup/restore but not migration; migration available with our BackupBuddy MS tool)
* WordPress 3.0+
* Write permissions to /wp-content/uploads/ for the user running BackupBuddy.
* Write permissions to /wp-content/uploads/ for the user running BackupBuddy.
** Backups will be stored in /wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_backups/
** Backups will be stored in /wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_backups/

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Getting Started

Check out the Getting Started page.

Restore or Migrate

Learn to Restore or Migrate your site with importbuddy.php.

Settings Explained

Get in depth information about the various Settings.

Developing Locally

Set up your computer to Develop Sites Locally and then migrate them to your live site.


Server configuration is a very complex topic and varies wildly between hosts, server operating systems, and even the personal preference of the server administrator. Below are the bare minimum requirements for the plugin along with the recommended setup to get the most out of this plugin. You may use ServerBuddy to help you determine how your server compares to our minimum requirements & recommendations.

Server Recommendations (full functionality)

  • PHP 5.2+
  • mySQL 5.x+
  • WordPress 3.0+ (not WordPress MU, not multisite; see our BackupBuddy MS tool for multisite usage)
  • Write permissions to /wp-content/uploads/ for the user running BackupBuddy.
    • Backups will be stored in /wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_backups/
    • Temporary files will be stored in /wp-content/uploads/backupbuddy_temp/xxxxxxx/ (temporarily generated at each backup)
  • Free disk space equal to or greater than the entire size of your site once compressed.
    • SuPHP or environment so that file operations/zip run as user to prevent permissions issues.
    • PHP exec() function enabled
    • PHP ZipArchive class installed
  • Linux:
    • Command-line zip installed and accessible
  • Windows:
    • Windows zip executable (available here)

Minimum Server Requirements (reduced functionality)

NOTE: Some features of BackupBuddy will be unavailable or limited if running on minimum requirements without recommendations. Large sites may not be able to be backed up with these minimum features.'

Host Compatibility

Compare various Hosts & Hosting Environments to see how your host/potential host compares.

Misc. Information

Find out some Miscellaneous Information about BackupBuddy.


Frequently Seen Support Issues

Problems? Start with the Frequently Seen Support Issues to most quickly troubleshoot your problem.

BackupBuddy: Error Codes

Receive an error code? Check out the Error Codes page for explanations.

Manual Migration

Import fails on file extraction? Learn how to perform a Manual Migration ... it's easier than you'd think!

Additional Resources



  1. Purchase BackupBuddy
  2. PluginBuddy Tutorials
  4. Support Forums
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