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Backing Up

Importing / Migrating with importbuddy.php

Unexpected Behaviour

The source site is now redirecting to the destination site (or vice versa):

  • This occurs if the new database settings were not entered during Step 4 of importbuddy.php. Because of this, both sites are now sharing the same database so one of them (usually source) is redirecting to the other (usually destination). importbuddy.php needs to be re-run inputting the source URL on Step 4 and using the source database settings. This will reconfigure the source database to use its proper URL. Next importbuddy.php needs to be run again inputting the destination URL on Step 4 with the NEW database settings for the new database. This way both sites will have their own database for their respective URLs.

Error Messages

500 Server Errors:

  • .htaccess file is causing URLs to be redirected improperly or is malformed.
  • PHP is not functioning or enabled for the site. Check with basic phpinfo().
  • A 404 error is occurring but the server is not set up correctly to return a 404. Do sanity check with .htm file.

The backup zip file is not found:

  • The zip file has been renamed to a non-BackupBuddy format.
  • The zip file permissions are wrong. Ex: Not readable.
  • The zip file is not in the same directory as importbuddy.php.
  • The zip file has not finished uploading or was interrupted in transit. If BackupBuddy was used to send it try manually uploading.
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