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(Database Only and Complete (Full) Backups)
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*Database Only
*Database Only
*Full (Complete)
*Complete (Full)
=Creating a Backup=
=Creating a Backup=

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Use the BackupBuddy Backup page to initiate the backup process and view a listing of BackupBuddy backup files.

Database Only and Complete (Full) Backups

BackupBuddy makes two types of backups:

  • Database Only
  • Complete (Full)

Creating a Backup

  1. To get started creating your first backup, expand the BackupBuddy menu from the WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to BackupBuddy > Backup.
  2. Click a backup type (or profile) to start a backup.
  3. Select to send a backup to a remote destination after the manual backup completes. After selecting this option select a profile above to start a backup.
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