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Unable to read database table wp_redirection_logs. Your backup will not include data from this table (you may ignore this warning if you do not need this specific data). This is due to the following error: MySQL client ran out of memory in /www/wp-content/plugins/backupbuddy/backupbuddy.php on line 1757

  • MySQL client ran out of memory
    • This is typically caused by your PHP memory limit being low, resulting in part of the data returned being clipped. If you do not need the data from this specific table of the database to be backed up then you may safely ignore this. Some tables, such as wp_redirection_logs, contain logs that you most likely do not need.
    • BackupBuddy attempts to increase the PHP memory limit on runtime but many hosts block this.
    • Add/modify this line in your php.ini with a higher number than the default, such as: php_value memory_limit 128M
  • Unable to save result set
    • This is typically caused by a corrupt database/table. Citation of problem.
    • Repair the database/table using a tool such as phpMyAdmin or the free plugin WP-dbManager
    • Add this line to wp-config.php to allow WordPress to repair tables: define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true)


Unable to create temporary storage directory ((/www/wp-content/uploads/temp_xxxxxxxxxx)

  • This error means that BackupBuddy was unable to create a temporary storage directory at the location listed in the error message. BackupBuddy must temporarily create this directory to place temporary files to be backed up into the ZIP file.
  • Adjust permissions to allow write & directory creation access to your uploads folder. ie: /www/wp-content/uploads/


BackupBuddy data file (backupbuddy_dat.php) missing or unreadable. There may be a problem with the backup file, the files could not be extracted (you may manually extract the zip file in this directory to manually do this portion of restore), or the files were deleted before this portion of the restore was reached. Start the import process over or try manually extracting (unzipping) the files then starting over. Restore will not continue to protect integrity of any existing data.

  • This error is almost always caused by the server timing out before zip file extraction could complete.
    • Manually extract files using either cPanel or extracting (unzipping) the files locally then uploading them & selecting the importbuddy.php advanced option to skip file extraction.
    • Ask your server host to extend the maximum script execution time.
    • Create a custom php.ini file if your host allows for this.
    • Change hosts & let your current host know why you changed.
  • Additional potential causes (very rare):
    • File permissions not allowing reading of the backupbuddy_dat.php file.
    • Incomplete backup. Verify the backup is marked as Good on the source site.


Error! The unzip process reported success but the backup data file, backupbuddy_dat.php was not found in the extracted files. The unzip process either failed (most likely) or the zip file is not a proper BackupBuddy backup. (importbuddy.php)

  • Manually extract backup ZIP. This usually resolves this issue.
  • Force compatibility mode to see if it able to unzip to completion.
  • Contact the host to see if they can verify that the Linux command line ZIP is set up properly.


File extraction process did not complete successfully. Unable to continue to next step. Manually extract the backup ZIP file and choose to "Skip File Extraction" from the advanced options on Step 1. (importbuddy.php)

  • This ZIP file was unable to be extracted for some reason.
    • Unzipping may have taken too long and the PHP process halted.
    • Server memory usage may have been exceeded.
    • Server configuration may be blocking extracting of ZIP files.
  • Attempt manual extraction & disable File Extraction from the advanced debugging options of Step 1.


ERROR: Unable to connect to database server and/or log in. Verify the database server name, username, and password. (importbuddy.php)

  • Verify the server address, your username, and your password. One of these settings is wrong.
  • cPanel sometimes prefixes your username with a prefix. Check if this exists.


Unable to select your specified database. Verify the database name and that you have set up proper permissions for your specified username to access it. (importbuddy.php)

  • Verify the database name exists.
  • Verify the mysql username has been granted ALL permissions to this database.


ERROR: A database prefix is required for importing. (importbuddy.php)

  • You must specify a WordPress database table prefix. Default is "wp_" without quotes.


ERROR: Unable to find any database backup data in the selected backup. (importbuddy.php)

  • Database file is missing from the backup.


ERROR: Unable to import SQL query: (importbuddy.php)

  • Something went wrong attempting to import this row into the database.
  • If it says duplicate table or row then the user is importing/migrating into a database that has an existing WordPress installation with the same prefix. This could cause problems if it's a different install or a lot has changed.


ERROR #9011. FTP/FTPs login failed on scheduled FTP. Credentials:

  • Unable to log in to FTP or FTPs server due to a problem with the login credentials. Verify your username and password.


FTP/FTPs file upload failed. Check file permissions & disk quota. Details: [additional details here]

  • BackupBuddy was able to connect to the FTP server but was not able to upload the file.
  • Verify file permissions allow writing and that enough disk space is available.

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