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ImportBuddy is the tool that allows you to migrate or restore a site with BackupBuddy.


ImportBuddy Password

To use ImportBuddy, you'll first need to set a password.

  1. To set your password, navigate to BackupBuddy > Settings and enter the password you'd like to use in the ImportBuddy & RepairBuddy password section.


  2. You can also set a password when you download ImportBuddy. If you set a password when downloading ImportBuddy, it overrides the password you created in your BackupBuddy Settings. If you leave the option blank, it will use the default password you created in your settings.


  3. An ImportBuddy password can also be set during the Quick Setup page after first installing BackupBuddy.

Accessing ImportBuddy

After setting your ImportBuddy password, there are two ways you can access ImportBuddy:

  • Manually downloading and uploading to destination server
  • Sending to destination from within BackupBuddy

Manually Downloading and Uploading to Destination Server

  1. To download ImportBuddy, navigate to the Restore/Migrate page in BackupBuddy and click the Download ImportBuddy button. This will initiate the download of the ImportBuddy file.


  2. Save the file to your computer.
  3. You will next upload this file to your destination server to begin using it.

Uploading ImportBuddy to your destination server

  1. Decide on the FTP directory that you would like to migrate or restore the backup to (using an empty directory is best) that corresponds to the web URL you want your destination site to be at. For example, if you want your new site's URL to be "" then your server directory MIGHT be something like /user/yourusername/public_html/mybuddy/. This is the directory you will then put importbuddy.php into. Note: The directory structure varies host to host but often follows a similar format.
  2. Upload importbuddy.php and your backup zip file to the FTP directory that corresponds to your desired URL.
  3. Navigate to the importbuddy.php file in your web browser after it has been uploaded. Example:
  4. To complete the migration or restoration process, visit the Manual Migration page.

Sending ImportBuddy to Destination

Instead of downloading ImportBuddy, you can send ImportBuddy directly to the location of your migration/restoration.

  1. To send ImportBuddy to a destination, navigate to the Restore/Migrate page in BackupBuddy and click the Send ImportBuddy to a Destination.


  2. In the window that opens, you be given options for where to send the ImportBuddy file. You'll find a list of your current remote destinations and an option to create a new destination.


  3. Follow the steps for Manual Migration or Magic Migration.
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