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===Advanced Debugging Mode===
===Display Advanced Debugging===

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The Recent Backup Status tab on the Backup page provides a historical listing of recently created backups and the status of each. Most recent backups (including scheduled, transferred, or deleted) will be listed along with the date and time started, finished, trigger type and status.


Backup Process Technical Details

To view details of the backup status, hover over the status column and click View Details. From here, you'll be able to view the Backup Process Technical Details, including:

Integrity Test

  • BackupBackup data file
  • Database SQL file
  • WordPress wp-config.php file (full backups only)

Backup Steps

  • Database dump
  • Zip archive creation (Write speed: > 31.26 MB)
  • Integrity Check
  • Post-backup cleanup
  • Total Overall Time

Meta Information

  • Unique serial identifier
  • Site URL
  • Backup type
  • Backup Profile
  • Backup creation time
  • BackupBuddy version at creation
  • WordPress version at creation
  • BackupBuddy data file (relative)

Display Advanced Debugging

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