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This series of videos covers everything you need to know about using BackupBuddy, from downloading and installing to creating your first backup and how to perform a site migration.

Downloading & Installing BackupBuddy

The First 4 Critical Steps After Installing BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy Settings

Using BackupBuddy Stash

Exploring the BackupBuddy Backups Page

Setting Up a Scheduled Backup with BackupBuddy

How to Use Magic Migration

How to Manually Migrate a Site with BackupBuddy

Using BackupBuddy in your Security Package

A Freelancer’s Guide to Choosing the Right WordPress Backup

Why Every Freelance Developer Should Have a Solid Backup Strategy

Jumpstarting Your WordPress Development Process with BackupBuddy

Using BackupBuddy to Develop a WordPress Site on Your Own Computer

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