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BackupBuddy's View and Restore Individual Files feature allows you to see the contents of your backup, view text-based file contents and restore selected files.

For example, this feature could be helpful if you need to revert back to an earlier version of your theme after making modifications to the stylesheet.

Caution: Restored files may overwrite existing files of the same name. Use caution when restoring, especially when restoring large numbers of files to avoid breaking the site.

Using the Restore/Migrate Page

  1. From the BackupBuddy menu, navigate to the Restore/Migrate page.


  2. Hover over a backup file name and select View & Restore File.


  3. Click the "eye" icon to view the contents of any text-based file. The file-viewer will then appear.


  4. Select the files to be restored then click Restore Selected.


  5. Click OK to confirm the restore and watch the restore status complete.


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