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The Server Configuration section of the Server Information Server tab contains information about your site's server with suggestions, value and current status.

  • BackupBuddy Version 4.0.2 (major version) or (minor version; update) Pass
  • WordPress Version >= 3.3.0 (latest best) 3.6 Pass
  • MySQL Version >= 5.0.15 5.5.30 Pass
  • AddHandler in .htaccess host dependant (none best unless required) none, n/a Pass
  • PHP Version >= 5.2 (5.2.16+ best) 5.2.17 Pass
  • PHP max_execution_time (server-reported) >= 30 seconds (30+ best) 30 Pass
  • PHP Memory Limit >= 128M (256M+ best) 256M Pass
  • Zip Methods Command line [fastest] > ziparchive > PHP-based (pclzip) [slowest] exec, ziparchive, pclzip Pass
  • Database Dump Methods Command line [fastest] > PHP-based [slowest] commandline, php Pass
  • Site Size n/a Unknown Pass
  • Site Size (Default Exclusions applied) n/a Unknown Pass
  • Site number of files n/a Unknown Pass
  • Site number of files (Default Exclusions applied) n/a Unknown Pass
  • Database Size n/a 252 KB Pass
  • Database Size (Default Exclusions applied) n/a 252 KB Pass
  • Average Write Speed n/a 1.01 MB/sec Pass
  • Guesstimate of max ZIP size n/a 30.38 MB Pass
  • Http Loopbacks enabled enabled Pass
  • WordPress Alternate Cron Varies (server-dependent) disabled (default) Pass
  • Disabled PHP Functions n/a dl Pass
  • PHP Register Globals disabled enabled Fail
  • PHP Magic Quotes GPC disabled disabled Pass
  • PHP Magic Quotes Runtime disabled disabled Pass
  • PHP Safe Mode disabled disabled Pass
  • PHP API n/a cgi-fcgi Pass
  • PHP Architecture 64-bit 64-bit Pass
  • Http Server Software n/a Apache Pass
  • Server Load Average n/a 0.09, 0.02, 0.01 Pass
  • PHP SSH2, SFTP Support n/a no, no Pass
  • WordPress ABSPATH n/a /home2/kwrighty/public_html/dev/ Pass
  • Operating System Linux Linux (Linux 3.2.45 #4 SMP Wed May 15 19:43:53 CDT 2013 x86_64) Pass
  • Active WordPress Plugins n/a Pass
  • PHP Process User (UID:GID) n/a kwrighty (33156:33158) Pass

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