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The Server Configuration section of the Server Information Server tab contains information about your site's server with suggestions, value and current status (pass/fail).

  • BackupBuddy Version - Once you have licensed BackupBuddy, you may select this to go to the Plugins page to upgrade to the latest minor version. Typically only major versions are available for automatic updates but this option allows you to force updating to the latest minor version.
  • WordPress Version - Version of WordPress currently running. It is important to keep your WordPress up to date for security & features.
  • MySQL Version - Version of your database server (mysql) as reported to this script by WordPress.
  • AddHandler in .htaccess - If detected then you may have difficulty migrating your site to some hosts without first removing the AddHandler line. Some hosts will malfunction with this line in the .htaccess file; host dependant (none best unless required)
  • PHP Version - Version of PHP currently running on the site.
  • PHP max_execution_time (server-reported) - Maximum amount of time that PHP allows scripts to run. After this limit is reached the script is killed. The more time available the better. 30 seconds is most common though 60 seconds is ideal.
  • PHP Memory Limit - The amount of memory this site is allowed to consume.
  • Zip Methods - Methods your server supports for creating ZIP files. These were tested & verified to operate. Command line is magnitudes better than other methods and operates via exec() or other execution functions. ZipArchive is a PHP extension. PHP-based ZIP compression/extraction is performed via a PHP script called pclzip but it is slower and can be memory intensive.
  • Database Dump Methods Command line [fastest] > PHP-based [slowest] commandline, php Pass
  • Site Size n/a Unknown Pass
  • Site Size (Default Exclusions applied) n/a Unknown Pass
  • Site number of files n/a Unknown Pass
  • Site number of files (Default Exclusions applied) n/a Unknown Pass
  • Database Size n/a 252 KB Pass
  • Database Size (Default Exclusions applied) n/a 252 KB Pass
  • Average Write Speed n/a 1.01 MB/sec Pass
  • Guesstimate of max ZIP size n/a 30.38 MB Pass
  • Http Loopbacks enabled enabled Pass
  • WordPress Alternate Cron Varies (server-dependent) disabled (default) Pass
  • Disabled PHP Functions n/a dl Pass
  • PHP Register Globals disabled enabled Fail
  • PHP Magic Quotes GPC disabled disabled Pass
  • PHP Magic Quotes Runtime disabled disabled Pass
  • PHP Safe Mode disabled disabled Pass
  • PHP API n/a cgi-fcgi Pass
  • PHP Architecture 64-bit 64-bit Pass
  • Http Server Software n/a Apache Pass
  • Server Load Average n/a 0.09, 0.02, 0.01 Pass
  • PHP SSH2, SFTP Support n/a no, no Pass
  • WordPress ABSPATH n/a /home2/kwrighty/public_html/dev/ Pass
  • Operating System Linux Linux (Linux 3.2.45 #4 SMP Wed May 15 19:43:53 CDT 2013 x86_64) Pass
  • Active WordPress Plugins n/a Pass
  • PHP Process User (UID:GID) n/a kwrighty (33156:33158) Pass

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