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Backup Profiles allow you to customize various settings on a case-by-case basis and override the default backup settings configured in other tabs. Profiles only need to be modified when choosing to override defaults on a per-profile basis.


Editing Profiles

Database Only

To edit the Database backup, click the Database Only button.


From here, you can select Database and Advanced settings:

  • Base database tables to backup for this profile - Use global default, This WordPress' tables (prefix wp_), All tables in database (including non-WordPress). [Default: This WordPress' tables prefix (wp_)] - Determines the default set of tables to backup. If this WordPress' tables is selected then only tables with the same prefix (for example wp_ for this installation) will be backed up by default. If all are selected then all tables will be backed up by default.
  • Use global defaults for tables to backup - [Default: disabled] - (WARNING: This prevents BackupBuddy from backing up the database during any kind of backup. This is for troubleshooting / advanced usage only to work around being unable to backup the database.
  • Skip database dump on backup - Skip if to completely bypass backing up database. Use with caution.
  • Perform integrity check on backup files - Disable if having problems viewing your backup listing.


New Backup Profile

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