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Backup Profiles allow you to customize various settings on a case-by-case basis and override the default backup settings configured in other tabs. Profiles only need to be modified when choosing to override defaults on a per-profile basis.


Editing Profiles

The Backup Profiles tab allows you to edit profiles for the Database Only and Complete backup profiles or add a new backup profile.

Database Only

To edit the Database backup, click the Database Only button.


From here, you can select Database and Advanced settings:

  • Base database tables to backup for this profile - Use global default, This WordPress' tables (prefix wp_), All tables in database (including non-WordPress). [Default: This WordPress' tables prefix (wp_)] - Determines the default set of tables to backup. If this WordPress' tables is selected then only tables with the same prefix (for example wp_ for this installation) will be backed up by default. If all are selected then all tables will be backed up by default.
  • Use global defaults for tables to backup
  • Skip database dump on backup - [Default: disabled] - WARNING: This prevents BackupBuddy from backing up the database during any kind of backup. This is for troubleshooting / advanced usage only to work around being unable to backup the database. Skip if to completely bypass backing up database. Use with caution.
  • Perform integrity check on backup files - [Default: enabled] - Disable if having problems viewing your backup listing. By default each backup file is checked for integrity and completion the first time it is viewed on the Backup page. On some server configurations this may cause memory problems as the integrity checking process is intensive. If you are experiencing out of memory errors on the Backup file listing, you can uncheck this to disable this feature.


New Backup Profile

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