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The General section of the General Settings tab includes 5 settings:

ImportBuddy & RepairBuddy password

[Example: myp@ssw0rD] This is the required password for running the ImportBuddy import/migration script and the RepairBuddy troubleshooting/repair script. This prevents unauthorized access when using this tool.

Note: For security reasons, we recommend using a different password than your WordPress user login.

Local storage directory for backups

This is the Local directory where all backup ZIP files will be saved. This directory must have proper write and read permissions. Upon changing, any backups in the existing directory will be moved to the new directory. To reset this location, click Reset Default.

Note: This is only where local backups will be stored, not remotely-stored backups. Remote backup storage is configured on the Remote Destinations page.

BackupBuddy access permission

[Default: Administrator] - This setting allows other WordPress user levels to access BackupBuddy from the WordPress dashboard.

Use extreme caution as users granted access will have FULL access to BackupBuddy and your backups, including remote destinations. This is a potential security hole if used improperly. Use caution when selecting any other WordPress user roles or giving users in such roles access.

Choose from:

  • Administrator (default)
  • Editor (moderate_comments)
  • Author (edit_published_posts)
  • Contributor (edit_posts)

Note: Not applicable to Multisite installations.

Add time in backup file name

[Default: disabled (date only)] - When enabled, your backup file name will display the time the backup was created in addition to the default date. This is useful when making multiple backups in a one day period.

Enable backup reminders for edits

[Default: enabled] - When enabled, links will be displayed upon post or page edits and during WordPress upgrades to remind and allow rapid backing up after modifications or before upgrading.

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