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BackupBuddy Stash is one of the remote locations you can create in BackupBuddy to store your backups offsite. For more information about BackupBuddy Stash, visit http://ithemes.com/backupbuddy-stash/

Setting up BackupBuddy Stash

Once on the Remote Destinations page, click the +Add New button to add your Stash destination.


You will see a list of available remote destinations, Stash being the first option. Click +Add New to create your Stash destination.


To start, you'll first need to login to your Stash account using your iThemes username and password.


Once you've logged in, you can give your destination a name and you can limit the number of database backups and full backups stored in Stash.

You can also set your Max Chunk Size. This allows to transfer of larger files than you server may allow by breaking up the send process.

This is also where you'd enable or disable the Encrypt connection. When enabled, all transfers will be encrypted with SSL encryption.

Lastly, you can determine whether or not to enable the Manage all files options. When enabled, you have access to manage and view all files stored in your Stash account. You will be prompted for your password to access backups for sites other than this one. If disabled the option is entirely removed for added security. For example, you may wish to disable this feature if a client has access and you want to keep them away from your files. This option can not be changed without deleting and re-creating the Stash destination for added security.


Once you've finished editing your settings, you can then test the settings and then add the destination. Stash will now show in your Existing Destinations.


If you ever need to change your Stash settings, click the gear symbol to the right of the destination and your options will be available for edit.

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