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*[[BackupBuddy_Stash:_Stashboard|Using the Stashboard]]
*[[BackupBuddy_Stash:_Stashboard|Using the Stashboard]]
*[[BackupBuddy_Stash:_Migrate/Restore|Migrating/Restoring from Stash]]
*[[BackupBuddy_Stash:_Migrate/Restore|Migrating/Restoring with Stash]]
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<br />
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[[:BackupBuddy|← Back to BackupBuddy Codex Home]]

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When restoring or migrating a site, ImportBuddy's Step 1 allows you to login to your Stash account and select the backup file that you'd like to use.


Note: You still need to upload importbuddy.php to your new server location or send it through the dashboard to the new location.

For more information on migrating or restoring your site with BackupBuddy, visit the Restore/Migrate section.

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