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Boom Bar adds top or bottom notification bars that make it easy to keep your site visitors informed with special messages or important information. Use Boom Bar site-wide or assign to individual posts or pages to promote sales or special offers, display alerts, show your latest tweets or provide a login prompt for registered users of your WordPress site.


  • Choose from Custom Text, Latest Tweet or Log In — Add custom text with linkable URLs, latest tweets or a log in to your WordPress site
  • Apply Boom Bars Site-Wide or to Individual Posts or Pages — Create a default Boom Bar to be seen site-wide or override by applying separate Boom Bars to different posts or pages
  • Closable Options and Timeframes — Allow users to close or hide the Boom Bar with options to specify the time frame of close (until next page load, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or forever)
  • Assign Boom Bar visibility to target audiences — Choose to limit who can see Boom Bar (everyone, all authenticated users, all unauthenticated visitors, first time visitors or returning visitors)
  • Predesigned Styles — Choose from 5 built-in Boom Bar styles (Lime Green, Silver, Light, Dark Inset or Dark Flat) or design your own
  • Built-in Style Manager — Easily customize basic styles for Boom Bar’s custom style (background color, text color, link color and border color)
  • Google Font Support — Apply default font styles from your active theme or choose from 12 built-in Google fonts)
  • Location and Position Options — Choose to assign Boom Bar to either the top or bottom of the page in either a fixed or static position
  • Start and End Dates — Assign start and end dates to display any existing Boom Bars
  • Custom CSS — Each Boom Bar includes a section to add CSS for more advanced customizations
  • Responsive Support — Compatible with responsive WordPress themes


What features are planned for the future versions?

  • Allow HTML in text bars
  • Track Link clicks
  • Navigation Bar Type
  • RSS Bar Type
  • Site Search Bar Type
  • Ability to duplicate bars
  • Email Signup bar (like mailchimp integration)
  • A/B Testing
  • Show Bar After (so many seconds) setting
  • Hide Bar After (so many seconds) setting
  • Save custom color schemes
  • Bar Preview on New / Edit admin pages

Additional Resources

  1. Purchase BoomBar
  2. iThemes Plugins
  3. Support Forums
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