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Introduction to Builder

We are very glad that you want to know more about or have purchased our blockbuster WordPress design tool, Builder.

Unlike other premium WordPress themes, Builder stretches the possibilities of WordPress — allowing you to quickly and easily build beautiful custom websites and blogs in minutes.

Installing Builder

How to Install Builder

Updating Builder

How to Update Builder

Using Builder

Getting Started

Builder Basics Videos

Settings (video)

Layouts and Views


Differences between Views, Layouts and Extensions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Builder Blocks

Builder SEO Plugin

Customizing Builder

Builder Style Manager

CSS Guide

Extending Builder

Plugin related and other generic customizations in Builder

Tips and Tricks


Builder Child Themes

List of child themes

Child theme specific documentation

  1. Acute
    1. Acute Blue
  2. Adept
  3. Americana
  4. Anchor
  5. Architect
  6. Arrival
  7. Avail
  8. Blueprint
  9. Book Nook
  10. City Church
  11. Classen
  12. Cool Breeze
  13. Covell
  14. Covert
  15. Cubed
  16. Default
  17. Depot
  18. Dockside
  19. Encased
  20. Entree
  21. Essence
  22. Expansion
  23. Fire
  24. Foundation
    1. Foundation-Blank
    2. Foundation-Glacier
  25. Gallery Church
  26. Heat Wave
  27. Ionic
  28. Kepler
  29. Lucky 7
  30. Market
  31. Patterned
  32. Rainey Day
  33. Remark
  34. Resume
  35. Revised
  36. Scooter
  37. Singular
  38. Thinner
  39. Thrifty
  40. Threads
  41. Traverse
  42. Vow
  43. Yukon


Release Notes

Plugins that conflict with Builder

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