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Version: 2.6.1

Released: 2010-10-06

Release Type: Style Tweak

Description: This release adds "height: auto;" to the "table, img, input, textarea, select" selector in style.css. This in combination with the "max-width: 100%;" rule that already existed allows images to be sized to fit their container in newer browsers. In other words, if a 700px wide image is added to a 300px wide sidebar, the image will be automatically scaled down by CSS to fit the container rather than overflowing and being cut off. The child themes will also be updated to include this styling feature.

This version also includes the new screenshot.png file that Brad designed for Builder.

All files now have their execute bit removed. Previously, all files had a permission setting of 755 when 644 was all that is required for proper operation. So these files have now been updated to use 644 for their permissions.

Files Modified:

  • screenshot.png
  • style.css
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