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Version: 2.7.0

Released: 2010-12-15

Release Type: Feature release

Description: This release is primarily a feature release but also features some bug fixes and performance enhancements.

An entirely rewritten settings system replaces the old one. This new settings system offers greater control over the functionality of Builder, provides a nicer user interface, gives child theme developers more options to add new settings, and sets the ground work for future features such as robust SEO settings and an import/export system. Beyond just basic settings, this update includes settings to easily add Google Analytics and Woopra web analytics tracking to a site without the need for plugins or copying-and-pasting sections of JavaScript code.

This release is the first to have a new caching system developed specifically for Builder. It is currently being used to store generated JavaScript code for use by the built-in web analytics integration. Future versions will start using this system to cache layouts and generated CSS. This will bring massive speed improvements to Builder.

Major features of Builder (Widget Content, Billboard, Duplicate Sidebar widget, the new file caching system, etc) are now all bundled in with the WordPress-provided theme supports system. This allowed the functions.php file to be greatly simplified. Now features can be completely disabled by simply commenting or removing the relevant add_theme_support line. Preferably, the new builder_add_theme_features function can be overridden by providing one in a child theme's functions.php file, allowing child themes to easily control the available Builder features.

The Blog Template page template, found in page_blog.php, offers an easy way to create a blog page when modifying the home page settings isn't sufficient.

Files Removed:

  • lib/theme-options

Files Added:

  • lib/builder-core
  • lib/theme-settings
  • lib/widgets/widget-styler.php
  • page_blog.php

Files Modified:

  • comments.php
  • css/structure.css
  • functions.php
  • lib/widgets/duplicate-sidebar
  • lib/widgets/widget-content
  • style.css
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