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Version: 2.8.0

Released: 2011-02-22

Release Type: Feature Release

Description: This release introduces the new Import/Export feature. With this feature, layouts and settings can be exported as either a way to backup those settings or to transfer them to other Builder sites. In addition, the Import/Export system features an API that will be used by other features, such as Builder Style Manager, so that those settings can also be exportable.

A few other changes were also made as part of this release:

  • The default stylesheet no longer forces auto widths and heights for post images.
  • The functions.php file was expanded to have comments detailing how a child theme can modify the default features of Builder.
  • The "My Theme" menu can now be completely removed by using the builder-my-theme-menu theme support.
  • Added code to force PHP's minimum memory limit to 64M. This was done to help protect sites against a WordPress bug that can accidentally lower the memory limit to 32M. Since WordPress running the twentyten theme and no plugins can consume 22-24M of memory by itself and each plugin can consume .5-10+M each, bumping up the limit for all Builder users seemed like a way to help protect users against out of unnecessary out of memory issues.
  • Added actions: builder_customize_theme_features, builder_theme_features_loaded, and builder_theme_settings_loaded.

Files Added:

  • lib/builder-core/css/
  • lib/builder-core/functions.php
  • lib/builder-core/images/
  • lib/import-export/
  • lib/layout-engine/class.builder-data-source-layouts-views.php
  • lib/theme-settings/class.builder-data-source-theme-settings.php
  • lib/theme-settings/class.settings-tab.php
  • lib/theme-settings/tab-basic.php

Files Updated:

  • extensions/blog/functions.php
  • extensions/magazine/functions.php
  • functions.php
  • style.css
  • lib/builder-core/
  • lib/layout-engine/
  • lib/theme-settings/

Files Removed:

  • lib/theme-settings/export.php
  • lib/theme-settings/tab-class.php
  • lib/theme-settings/tabs/basic.php
  • lib/theme-settings/tabs/import-export.php
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