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Version: 2.8.2

Released: 2011-03-09

Release Type: Feature Enhancement and Plugin Compatibility Fix

Description: This release introduces an update the Start Here page that we hope will allow new users to get up and running with Builder much more quickly. It is also much prettier :).

This release also adds a compatibility fix for the Widget Logic plugin as reported in this support thread.

One final tweak made is that all the Builder core template files now have the hentry class on the div surrounding an individual content entry (page content, post, etc). This allows the hentry class to be used to style any content, no matter what type of content it is.

Files Updated:

  • extensions/blog/functions.php
  • extensions/magazine/functions.php
  • lib/builder-core
  • lib/layout-engine
  • not_found.php
  • lib/tutorials
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