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Version: 3.4.0

Released: 2011-12-09

Release Type: Future WordPress Version Fixes, Features, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

IMPORTANT: This release changes the way Gallery shortcodes are rendered. If you don't like the way the galleries render in this version, select the "Free-flowing List by Default" option in the new Gallery Shortcode section of Builder's Settings page.


This release helps prepare for the pending WordPress 3.3 release. The next version of WordPress will feature an improved help system. This release adds compatibility for this new system. There are many more changes to WordPress 3.3; fortunately, most of them do not affect Builder.

Gallery shortcodes now respect the number of columns selected in the gallery shortcode options. Galleries also render to fill the space much better than they used to as shown below.


You can now find settings to control how the gallery renders by default along with information on how to control it via shortcode attributes in the Builder Settings under the Gallery Shortcode section.

Some changes were made to keep inline with the proposed WordPress 3.3 Theme Guidelines. While these guidelines are for themes submitted to the Theme Directory, we try our best to keep our themes inline with the guidelines as it reduces plugin conflicts. Specifically, Builder 3.4.0 has removed all instances of STYLESHEETPATH and TEMPLATEPATH and now uses the wp_title filter for title modifications.

A quick integration feature for GoSquared web analytics can now be found in the "Analytics and JavaScript Code" section of the Builder Settings. To add tracking, simply enable GoSquared integration, paste in your site's Site Token, and save your settings.

Some plugins had a habit of modifying the Widget Content output. For example, many social media integration plugins would add sharing links to Widget Content output. Builder 3.4.0 should not suffer any of these problems any more. Since this change has the potential to affect some users, there is a new Widget Content section in the Builder Settings to control this change.

The Gravity Forms styling packaged in with Builder is now updated to properly style a larger variety of inputs.

A minor JavaScript bug existed in the Slider Extension. This is now fixed.

In preparation for Builder's first dedicated e-commerce theme, a plugin feature for WP e-Commerce is now present.

In order to allow Builder's Layouts to properly render on Multisite signup pages as well as some plugins that have their own built-in templates, Builder now has rudimentary support for traditional theme templates (get_header > content > get_footer). It is important to note that this feature exists specifically to address situations where a work-around is impossible and should not be taken advantage of to create child theme templates that have a standard format. The reason for this is that there is a memory and execution time cost to allow this to function properly. While this should not be a problem for the few specific pages that may need to use this feature, it should not be used across the entire site as it will have performance penalties. In addition, this feature has only been tested properly on specific known issues and cannot be relied upon to handle any possible situation.

Files Added:

  • sidebar.php

Files Updated:

  • extensions/slider/
  • lib/builder-core/
  • lib/layout-engine/
  • lib/plugin-features/
  • lib/theme-settings/
  • lib/widgets/
  • plugin-features/gravity-forms/
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