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Version: 3.4.5

Released: 2011-12-20

Release Type: Bug Fix


This release focused on a series of reported bugs. The Shopp Views has been pushed back in order to get these fixes released ASAP. The Shopp Views will be released with Builder 3.5.0.


  • In WordPress 3.3, switching themes (even between Builder child themes) can cause all of the widgets to dump into areas new to WordPress 3.3 that are titled "Inactive Sidebar". This release fixes this issue and will prevent the widgets from being lost when switching between any themes.
  • Some users reported issues with the Widget Content feature being disabled after upgrading to Builder 3.4.0-3.4.4. This issue is now fixed. If you upgrade to this version and still do not see the Widget Content feature, go to your My Theme > Settings page, go to the Theme Features section, enable the "Widget Content" feature, and save your settings.
  • The Duplicate Sidebar widget was showing sidebar names that didn't include the Layout in the name. This made it hard to differentiate sidebars from different Layouts. This has now been fixed.

Files Updated:

  • lib/layout-engine/
  • lib/theme-settings/
  • lib/widgets/duplicate-sidebar/
  • lib/widgets/widget-content/