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Version: 4.1.4

Released: 2013-04-17

Release Type: Feature


Important This release has been replaced with the 4.1.5 release as this release contained a critical bug.

This release adds an option to the Image Module to control the alt attribute used in the img tag that is output for the Module. A new setting is available when modifying the settings of an Image Module to set what value you would like to use for the attribute.

This release also adds a capability to control the source ordering of the columns that make up each Module. A new theme support named builder-module-column-source-order can be used to change the ordering of the columns from the default, where the order of columns in the source code matches that of the Layout design, to one where the Element of the Module (the main content of the Module; I.E. not the Sidebars) is always listed first in the source code with the Sidebars coming afterwards.

Using this feature can be helpful when using a responsive child theme in that the source ordering of the columns determines their vertical stacking order when the Module starts breaking the columns out into a vertical stack. By applying the change, the Element of the Module will always appear above the Sidebars when the Module breaks down on smaller devices.

To implement this new feature, add the following to your child theme's functions.php file:

add_theme_support( 'builder-module-column-source-order', 'element-first' );

Files Updated:

  • lib/layout-engine/
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