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Version: 4.2.0

Released: 2013-04-24

Release Type: Feature


This release adds a new theme support feature named builder-module-style-before-after-classes. When enabled, this new feature adds relational style classes to aid in more complex styling using Alternate Module Styles. Specifically, it adds additional classes in the format of builder-module-before-module-style-name and builder-module-after-module-style-name along with the matching classes for the background wrappers and outer wrappers with the suffixes -background-wrapper and -outer-wrapper, respectively.

To illustrate this further, consider the following list as a set of four Modules. The top level listing is the Alternate Module Style used for the Module and the sub-listing is the list of classes added to that Module by enabling this new feature.

  • default-module-style (no custom Module Style applied)
    • builder-module-before-red-content
  • red-content
    • builder-module-after-default-module-style
    • builder-module-before-blue-widget
  • blue-widget
    • builder-module-after-red-content
    • builder-module-before-default-module-style
  • default-module-style
    • builder-module-after-blue-widget

After updating Builder, this feature can be enabled by adding the following to your child theme's functions.php file.

add_theme_support( 'builder-module-style-before-after-classes' );

Files Updated:

  • lib/layout-engine/
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