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Version: 4.2.7

Released: 2013-07-03

Release Type: Enhancements, Bug Fixes


This release fixes problems that some systems have when writing or reading stored data that Builder creates and reads. It also improves the description found in the Custom Layout box found in post and page editors.

Builder needs to store data and read it back in order for the import/export system to function properly. Unfortunately, some systems either write invalid data or read back the data improperly. This release updates the import/export system to store this data in three different formats (at least one of these formats has been found to work on every encountered system). When reading the export data, the import process attempts to read each format until it can retrieve the data intact.

On fresh installs, Builder loads its default Layouts and Views from a file just as the import/export system reads data from a files. While there have yet to be any reports that the previous format used for the default data has caused problems on systems, the data was updated to also use the three format system just to avoid any potential future issues.

The Custom Layout box found in post and page editors needed some love. The title has been updated to "Custom Builder Layout" to make it clear that the setting is to modify Builder. In addition, the text description clarity has been improved and now includes the actual name of a custom post type rather than simply "post".

Files Updated:

  • lib/builder-core/
  • lib/extensions/
  • lib/import-export/
  • lib/layout-engine/
  • lib/theme-settings/
  • lib/tutorials/
  • lib/widgets/
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