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Install and activate BuilderChild-City-Church theme.

Builder Church Block is a WordPress plugin which adds sermons and staff post types for easily adding content to your church web site.

BuilderChild-City-Church theme uses functionality provided by this plugin.

Builder Church Block can be downloaded from here. After installing it like any other WordPress plugin and activating it, two new sections titled Sermons and Staff will be added to WP dashboard.



To add a new Sermon, click on Add New link next to Sermons and fill in the data like you would in any Post or Page.

Sample screenshot showing Add/Edit screen for Sermons Custom Post Type

It is recommended to add a Featured Image and a audio file (in mp3 format) to your Sermon entries where applicable/possible. These, if present, will appear on the Sermons listing page.

Note: In Sermon Audio File meta box, even though you might have uploaded mp3 file(s), the message "You currently have 0 audio file in your gallery for this sermon." will continue to show unless the entry is published.

There is no need to create a Page titled Sermons to display all Sermon entries. When you go to, it will automatically list the existing Sermons.

Click here to view a screenshot of Sermons Listing Page.

When the Play button under Listen is clicked, the audio plays in a lightbox.

Listening to a Sermon

It is possible to display custom HTML above the Sermons listing w/o editing php files. Go to My Theme -> Settings -> Child Theme Settings. Any HTML that's entered in "Extra Text" field will automatically appear above the Sermons listing.

Screenshot showing custom HTML which appears above Sermons listing - Click to enlarge

If you would like to display a "Subscribe to the Podcast" button, go to My Theme -> Settings -> Child Theme Settings and enter the URL of your iTunes podcast in Podcast Link field.

Screenshot showing a Podcast Subscription button which automatically appears when a URL is entered in backend

We can enter a custom title which will appear in place of the default "Sermons" text on the Sermons listing page.

Screenshot showing a custom title for Sermons archive


To add a new Staff person, click on Add New link next to Staff and fill in the data like you would in any Post or Page.

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

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