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Demo Sites

How to have a gradient background for nav bar that works in all browsers incl. IE




03-20-2013 18-39-33.png

Add the following at the end of child theme's style.css (WP dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor):

.builder-module-navigation {
    background: url('') repeat-x;

Classic Essence and Essence Builder child theme

Essence Builder child theme (Builder Essence Golden demo) is not an exact replica of the stand-alone classic Essence (classic Golden Essence), but is close to it. They both have different body backgrounds.

The rotating images feature in classic Essence can be replicated by using Rotating Images plugin. This plugin is free for all iThemes Builder customers.

Due to the flexibility of Builder, not all design elements have remained in the Builder version. For instance, the shadow is a fixed width background image with the background colour of the widget module below it. There is no way to incorporate that, whilst also allowing the Builder user to design any width for his site, colours etc AND maintain responsiveness. There are no plans to further update the Essence design. One could examine the specifics from the classic Essence (background images, css code) and reapply them. This will require CSS knowledge, and of course knowledge of the Builder.

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