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Demo Site

Noise Live Demo


Noise is a responsive-ready Builder child theme designed to be used in conjunction with a plugin for iThemes Builder, Builder Audio Block.

Designed with musicians and bands in mind, Builder now makes it easy to create a WordPress band website with a "built-in" audio player, a way to display albums or discographies, a list of upcoming shows and support for music downloads/purchases with Easy Digital Downloads.

Announcement Blog Post


EmbedVideo was given an illegal value for the alignment parameter "none". Valid values are "left", "center", or "right".


How to Assign a Layout to Audio Archive page

By default, Audio archive page, will use Full Width layout (unless the default View Builder ships with is deleted). This comes from the Archives view at My Theme -> Layouts & Views -> Views. This View can be edited and another layout selected which will work for all archive pages including the Audio archive page.

However if you wish to apply a layout just to the Audio archive page, follow this.

Add this code at the end of child theme's functions.php:

function custom_filter_audio_layout( $layout_id ) {
    if ( is_post_type_archive('it_bb_audio') )
            return '4f30b1482cde8';
    return $layout_id;
add_filter( 'builder_filter_current_layout', 'custom_filter_audio_layout' );

In the above, change "4f30b1482cde8" to the ID of layout that you wish to assign to Audio archive page.

To find the ID for a Layout, go to the Layouts listing, copy the edit link for the desired Layout, paste the link somewhere, and grab the text after the last equal sign. For example, consider the following link:

The Layout's ID for the above is 4f30b1482cde8.

How to Assign a Layout to Every Single Entry page of Audio CPT

Method 1

Use Post Type - Audio View at My Theme -> Layouts & Views -> Views to assign a layout to every single Audio entry page.

Method 2

Add the following in child theme's functions.php:

function custom_filter_audio_single_layout( $layout_id ) {
    if ( is_singular('it_bb_audio') )
            return '513f60026cf01';

    return $layout_id;
add_filter( 'builder_filter_current_layout', 'custom_filter_audio_single_layout' );

In the above, change "513f60026cf01" to the ID of layout that you wish to assign to single Audio pages.

How to Add Start and End times to Events archive page

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 1.46.09 PM.png

1. Install and activate Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Note: At the time of writing this, this plugin that's available in is not functional and must be downloaded only from the plugin author's site.

2. Go to Custom Fields -> Custom Fields and add Start Time and End Time custom fields per screenshot below (click for bigger view).

Edit Field Group ‹ iThemes Builder Test Site — WordPress 2013-03-23 13-52-48.png

3. Edit wp-content/themes BuilderChild-Noise/archive-it_bb_event.php


<h3 class="entry-title"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h3>


	$start_time = get_field('start_time');

	$end_time = get_field('end_time');

	if ( !empty($start_time) ) { echo '<div class="entry-meta start-time"><span>' . $start_time . ' </span></div>' ;}

	if ( !empty($end_time) ) { echo '<div class="entry-meta end-time"><span>- ' . $end_time . '</span></div>' ;}

4. Add the following at the end of child theme's style.css (WP dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor):

.entry-meta.end-time {
    display: inline-block;
    float: left;
    /*margin-right: 2em;*/
    padding-top: 0.25em;
    /*width: 15%;*/

.builder-template-archive-it-bb-event .builder-module .entry-title {
	float: left;
	width: 25%;
	clear: none;

5. When creating/editing events, enter the event's start and end times. These (both fields or a single one) can be left empty.

Edit Event ‹ iThemes Builder Test Site — WordPress 2013-03-23 13-59-38.png
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