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How to use GravityForms extension

Scooter child theme comes with an extension named GravityForms which has the styling to make forms created using gravity forms match the rest of Scooter site.

Follow these steps to apply and use the extension:

1. Create a new layout to be used by all Pages that have forms generated by Gravity Forms. It is a good idea to create this layout as a duplicate of your default layout or the layout which would otherwise be used for all Pages.

2. Select GravityForms extension and save the layout.


3. Edit each Page having gravity forms shortcode and apply the layout.


Setting the Magazine Extension for Scooter Child Theme

Font used for the header image

When you open Scooter's style.css, you can see

@import url(,700&subset=latin&v2);

Go to,700&subset=latin&v2 in browser and you can see the URL to download .woff file. It is

Download that .woff file and convert it to .ttf using and install the font in your computer so it is available in a program like Photoshop.

You can then create a image with your desired text in that font.

A plugin is not required to use google fonts.

With the google font @imported, it can be set for any text like so:

h3.entry-title {
    float: left;
    color: #262626  ;
    font-family: 'Dancing Script', inherit; /* <--- See this line */
    font-size: 38px;
    line-height: 46px;
    text-shadow: #FFFFFF   0px 1px 1px;

Item 4