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How to get sliding images on Posts listing page

Thinner child theme includes Featured Image Slider extension which is what is being applied for the layout used by the homepage at Thinner's demo site.


Featured Image Extension displays Featured Image & Post Title of first 6 posts in a custom slider and the Featured Image, Post Title & Excerpt for the remaining posts. Therefore you should edit the posts whose featured images you would like to be displayed in the slider and add featured images in all of them.

Follow these steps to get a working slider on your site's homepage:

1. Ensure that there is a separate layout to be used for homepage. Edit this layout and apply "Featured Image Slider" extension.


2. Add a view associating Home view with the layout set aside for homepage.


This extension can be any applied to a layout or view for listing pages like the Homepage (where posts appear by default) or Posts page or archive page or category page.

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