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* [ 3.0 Release Blog Post]
* [ 3.0 Release Blog Post]
* [ Release Notes]
* [ Support Forum]
* [ Support Forum]

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Useful Links

Builder 3.0 Videos

(Latest at the top)

Builder 3.0 Finishing Touches

Builder 3.0 Preview Webinar

Major Features

  • New Header Module – Customize and display your site title, tagline, and SEO options across multiple layouts.
  • Support for the Loop Standard - Standardized HTML class structure for compatibility with LoopBuddy and other future projects.
  • New Plugin Features – Plugin specific styling and scripting. Includes Gravity Forms styles!
  • Tooltip Helps – Helping you (or your clients) learn to use and navigate Builder more easily.
  • Expanded Extensions – We’ve added several new layout extensions to further customize the look of your site.
  • New Layouts - To help you get started, we’ve included some awesome new site layouts you can tinker with, or you can use them just like they are.
  • 40 + Child Themes - As always, you get over 40 child themes included with Builder 3.0. All child themes have been updated to take advantage of the latest Builder 3.0 feautes.

How to upgrade

Follow the instructions here.

Should I update my child theme?

If you have made customizations to your child theme, you won't be required to update them i.e., updating child themes is not mandatory. Builder 3.0 will work just fine with your existing child themes.

If you do wish to update them so they can take advantage of LoopBuddy integration, follow these steps to update your child theme.

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