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The Analytics and Javascript Code Settings section offers an easy way to integrate web analytics software tracking such Google Analytics, Woopra, and GoSquared. Use these settings to easily add the your tracking code to your site.

Note: Before activating Builder's built-in support for these services, you'll need to first disable any plugins offering the same feature. Failure to do so can result in each visitor being counted multiple times, which will badly skew your data.

Step 1: Click the checkbox beside your software of choice

To enable any of these tracking softwares on your site, just click the checkbox beside your software of choice.

For Google Analytics

Your site is uniquely identified in Google Analytics by an Account ID. An example Account ID is UA-12345-6. For help on finding your Account ID, watch this video.


Beyond web analytics, some web tools or applications require adding JavaScript code either inside the head tag or in the site's footer. You can use the text area inputs below to manually add code where it is needed.

Note: After entering Google Analytics ID in Builder settings,

1. it might take a day or two for Google Analytics to show tracking data in your account.

2. when page source of site is viewed,

UA- number doesn't print directly in the page.

We can see code similar to

<script type='text/javascript'>
(function() {
var bsl=document.createElement('script');
var se=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];se.parentNode.insertBefore(bsl,se);

Above code loads wp-content/uploads/it-file-cache/builder-core/script.js file which is where the Builder-generated scripts are.

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