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The Widget Content settings section adds a new top-level menu to the WordPress Dashboard called "Widget Content" that allows for easy creation of content that can then be added to a sidebar by using the Widget Content widget. Here, you can enable or disable this widget content.

By using the same editor offered for posts and pages, Widget Content allows for easy creation and management of widget content that has images, links, lists, and other complex elements.

The following options can help make this feature work better on your site.

Most displayed post and page content is filtered by the the_content filter in order for the content to display properly. Unfortunately, the Widget Content feature cannot use this filter to properly format the content by default. This is due to how many plugins, such as ones that add sharing links, will use this filter to add content modifications. Since these additions are typically undesireable for Widget Content output, the individual steps to prepare the content for display are applied manually.

The following options allow you to decide whether or not the the_content filter or the manual formatting process should be used for Widget Content entries.

Use Builder's manual formatting to format Widget Content entries. (default)
Use the the_content filter to format Widget Content entries.

An "Edit this entry" link can be shown at the bottom of Widget Content entries to make it easier to quickly edit entries. This link will only be visible to logged in users that have rights to edit the content. Use the following option to enable or disable this feature.

Enable Widget Content edit entry link. (default)
Disable Widget Content edit entry link.

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