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Builder Events Block adds event management tools to your site by providing custom post types for Events and Venues. Builder Events Block also features integration with Gravity Forms (for event registration) and Eventbrite.

Builder Events Block works with any Builder child theme, but Builder Child Child - Noise is designed to work specifically with the Builder Events Block.



  1. Download the Builder Events Block plugin from iThemes Member Panel.
  2. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Install and Activate the builder-block-events zip file.

Once Builder Events Block has been installed, you'll notice two new menus have been added to the left-hand navigation of your WordPress dashboard:

  • Events - Adds events with a title (name), text, location map, notifications (to display "postponed" or "canceled", date picker, featured image, plus Gravity Forms and Eventbrite integrations.
  • Venues - Add venues with a title and location map. Note: Venues are not viewable by the public. After publishing venues, you can select to use it under the Location meta box when adding or editing an event.



Builder Events Block creates a custom post type for Events displayed in an event "archive" visible on the Noise demo site. This event listing is available in both a list or calendar view.


The Events Menu


From the WordPress dashboard, the Events' menu expands to reveal several pages:

  • All Events - A listing of all events "posts"
  • Add New - The "Add New Event" page
  • Start Here - A quick-start guide for adding events
  • Settings - Add your Eventbrite API, choose the post type name and name plural, permalink structure, list or calendar view defaults, display order and custom notification messages

Adding a New Event

To add a new event, click Add New.

Add the staff member title (name), a description, staff info (email address, Twitter Username, Facebook URL), featured image and a staff position type.


Press Publish. Your new staff member will now be visible on the site from the URL located beneath the Staff Title.

Staff Positions

The Staff Positions page in the Staff Menu lists available staff position taxonomies that can be applied to staff. Default staff positions include Music Director, Senior Pastor and Youth Pastor. You can customize the staff position taxonomies by adding new positions or removing the defaults.



Builder Church Block creates a custom post type for Sermons displayed in a sermon "archive" visible on the City Church Demo Site.


The Sermons Menu


The Sermons menu expands to reveal several pages:

  • All Sermons - A listing of all sermon "posts"
  • Add New - The "Add New Sermon" page
  • Sermon Categories - A listing of sermon categories
  • Sermon Tags - A listing of sermon tags

Adding a New Sermon

To add a new location, click Add New. Add the sermon title, text, featured image, sermon audio file and apply sermon categories and tags


Press Publish. Your new sermon will now be visible on the site from the URL located beneath the sermon title.

Sermon Categories

The Sermon Categories page lists available sermon categories.


Sermon Tags

The Sermon Tags page lists available sermon tags.


Customization Examples

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