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*[[Builder_Events_Block:_Customizations|Builder Events Block]]
*[[Builder_Events_Block:_Customizations|Builder Events Block]]
**[[Builder_Blocks:_Events_-_Example_Customizations|Customization Examples]]
**[[Builder_Blocks:_Events_-_Example_Customizations|Customization Examples]]
*Builder Audio Block
*[[Builder_Audio_Block:_Customizations|Builder Audio Block]]
**[[Builder_Blocks:_Audio_-_Example_Customizations|Customization Examples]]
**[[Builder_Blocks:_Audio_-_Example_Customizations|Customization Examples]]
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How to assign a layout to Events listing page

Add this code at the end of active theme's (child theme of Builder) functions.php:

function custom_filter_events_layout( $layout_id ) {
    if ( is_post_type_archive('it_bb_event') )
            return '4e57b7c528e6e';
    return $layout_id;
add_filter( 'builder_filter_current_layout', 'custom_filter_events_layout' );

In the above, change "4e57b7c528e6e" to the ID of layout that you wish to assign to Events archive page.

To find the ID for a Layout, go to the Layouts listing, copy the edit link for the desired Layout, paste the link somewhere, and grab the text after the last equal sign. For example, consider the following link:

The Layout's ID for the above is 4e57b7c528e6e.

How to add start and end date and location to list of events

Note, this applies to the WordPress backend, see image:

BB events list.jpg

Add the following code at the end of your child theme's functions.php file, but before the closing ?> (if any).

// Add fields to events columns
add_filter('manage_edit-it_bb_event_columns', 'my_it_bb_event_columns');
function my_it_bb_event_columns( $it_bb_event_columns ) {
    $new_columns['cb'] = '<input type="checkbox" />';
    $new_columns['title'] = __('Event Name', 'column name');
    $new_columns['event_start_date'] = _x('Start Date');
    $new_columns['event_end_date'] = _x('End Date');
    $new_columns['event_address'] = __('Location', 'event_address');
//    $new_columns['author'] = __('Author');  uncomment to show author
//    $new_columns['date'] = _x('Date Created', 'column name');  uncomment to show creation date
    return $new_columns;

// Get fields for events columns
add_action('manage_it_bb_event_posts_custom_column', 'my_it_bb_event_custom__columns', 10, 2);
function my_it_bb_event_custom__columns( $column_name, $id ) {
    $event_data = get_post_meta( $id , '_it_options' , true ) ;
    switch ($column_name) {
    // event start date
    case 'event_start_date':
        if ( $event_data[$column_name] )
            echo date_i18n( get_option( 'date_format' ) , strtotime( $event_data[$column_name] ) );
    // event end date        
    case 'event_end_date':
        if ( $event_data[$column_name] )
            echo date_i18n( get_option( 'date_format' ) , strtotime( $event_data[$column_name] ) );
    // event address, custom or venue
    case 'event_address':
        if ( ( !empty ( $event_data['default_location'] ) ) && ( ( $event_data['default_location'] !== 'custom' ) ) )  
            $event_data = get_post_meta( intval( $event_data['default_location'] ) , '_it_options' , true ) ;

        echo nl2br( $event_data[$column_name] );



// add custom fields to be sortable
add_filter( 'manage_edit-it_bb_event_sortable_columns', 'my_sortable_it_bb_event_columns' );
function my_sortable_it_bb_event_columns( $columns ) {
    $columns['event_start_date'] = 'event_start_date';
    $columns['event_end_date'] = 'event_end_date';
    $columns['event_address'] = 'event_address';

    return $columns;

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