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Builder's Construction of CSS Wrappers

The following is a basic outline of Builder's construction of CSS wrappers.

[builder-container] #ID
[builder-module] #ID

For Example:

Output (IDs are examples) Description More info
[BODY] #ID #builder-layout-51d70c106ac69 Targets the specific Layout body where ID# is 51d70c106ac69 Layout ID (Body)
[builder-container-background-wrapper] .builder-container-background-wrapper
[builder-container-outer-wrapper] .builder-container-outer-wrapper
[builder-container] #ID #builder-container-51d70c106ac69 Targets the specific container body where ID# is 51d70c106ac69 Container ID (Container)
[builder-module-backgroud-wrapper] .builder-module-background-wrapper
[builder-module-outer-wrapper] .builder-module-outer-wrapper
[builder-module] #ID #builder-module-51d70c106ab33 Targets the specific module where ID# is 51d70c106ab33 Module IDs
[builder-module-block-outer-wrapper] .builder-module-block-outer-wrapper
[builder-module-block] .builder-module-block

For Individual Modules

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