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In version 2.7, child themes have been introduced in WordPress. Using Child themes, you can modify (override) all aspects of a Parent theme (e.g. the stylesheet, page templates, functions) without risking to lose any modifications when upgrading the parent theme.

See iThemes and Child Themes – introduction and Child Themes, a quick tutorial.

Child Theme Graphics can also be seen here and here.

Listed below are the child themes of Builder that can be downloaded from the member's area (latest at the top):

List of child themes

Kepler Light

Kepler Light is the "lighter" version of the original Kepler. Kepler Light features the same great photography-focused styling, great for showcasing your creative work.

Kepler Light includes several specific post styles to focus on featured images, all with a unique custom date stamp to add interest to your blog. With Kepler Light and Builder, you'll have the perfect foundation for creating awesome WordPress photography sites.


Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Kepler Light


Percfect for small businesses or professional bloggers, Adept features a sleek design to pair with Builder’s great flexibility and functionality for easily building WordPress websites.

Some of the key features include:

  • simple navigation with great button styling and secondary dropdown styles
  • alternate module styles for navigation and widget modules to configure your site exactly to your specifications
  • styling for Gravity Forms to match the theme’s overall look and feel
  • and custom-styled search bar style

Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Adept


Depot is the first e-commerce Builder Child Theme. Depot features full integration and optimization of three different WordPress Ecommerce plugins: Shopp, Cart66 and WP-Ecommerce. Operating on iThemes Builder's powerful layout engine and paired with one of these eCommerce plugins, Depot is the perfect store-front for your WordPress-powered website or blog.

Live Demo


Blog entry announcing the release of Depot

Purchase page


Expansion, the latest child theme for iThemes Builder, boasts a high-contrast design with strong, simple, and clean edges. Besides the remarkable layout flexibility of all iThemes Builder child themes, Expansion also features several theme-specific details. It is a great child theme for small and large businesses. Featuring 3 alternate widget styles and a beautiful date stamp on each blog post, Expansion is the perfect choice for your next theme.


Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Expansion

Purchase page

Expansion Red


Expansion Blue


Blog entry announcing Expansion Red and Expansion Blue


A handcrafted look and feel – perfect for any special project or site. You'll love the Google Web Font (Rancho) that gives titles a special flair and draws people in to your site. From the stay-at-home blogging mom to the business looking for a softer, more subtle design, Patterned is a great choice for your next Builder child theme!


Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Patterned


Traverse features a high contrast design and bold styling intended to showcase content for travel blogs. Stories and photos from your adventures will be framed perfectly by Traverse.


Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Traverse



Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Architect


Acute is a clean business theme, perfect for giving your site a professional, polished look. Currently it is in gray and blue, there will be 4 more color options released soon.

With Acute you will find custom styled (default) widgets; integrated support for Slideshow and Accordion (2 plugins from the DisplayBuddy suite); image grid, portfolio and magazine extensions; plus a new custom portfolio extension – only available with Acute.


Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Acute

Acute Blue


Kepler is a portfolio style theme - perfect for showcasing photography, graphic design, and art. It is characterized by simple, easy to read typography, and a focus on images.


Live Demo

Quick video showing you how Kepler looks and works (Kepler Child Theme Walkthrough/Webinar)

How to Work With Kepler Child Theme (video)



Singular - the simple, clean theme with all the flexibility inherent in iThemes Builder.

Release Date: August 9, 2011

Live Demo

City Church



The theme developers described the unique features of the theme on You can watch the specific segment here:

Release Date: August 3, 2011

Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of City Church


Screenshot of Thinner, 41st child theme of iThemes Builder

Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Thinner


Screenshot of Keen, 40th child theme of iThemes Builder

Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Keen


Builder Child – Dockside Demo 1309411970077.png

Live Demo


  • beautifully designed blockquotes with dropcap styling to give that extra flare and distinction.
  • fresh, new category and comment icons to make your meta data stand out.
  • featured image usage on blog layout
  • great typography, including the "Brawler" Google font for the headlines

Blog entry announcing the release of Dockside


Builder Child – Revised Demo 2011-06-15 22-37-21.png

Live Demo


  • Simple Blogroll Layout
  • Feature Image Usage
  • Unique Styled Archives
  • Two Alternate Widget Styles

Blog entry announcing the release of Revised

Heat Wave


Live Demo


  • Uniquely Styled Comment Section
  • Default WordPress Gallery Colorbox Pop Up
  • Hot, Summery Colors
  • and Built In Gravity Forms Styles

Blog entry announcing the release of Heat Wave

Encased Light


Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Encased Light



Live Demo



Live Demo

Rainey Day


Live Demo

A light and subtle, yet dramatic theme.

  • unique fonts and font styling on the nav bar and headlines tags
  • multi-shaded lavender color scheme
  • ribbon graphics for added flair and elegance
  • styling of the author meta data
  • other stylish graphics being used throughout the theme

Blog entry announcing the release of Rainey Day



Live Demo

  • Retro Styled Theme – making Retro the new Contemporary.
  • 'Dancing Script' Google Font, providing a super-easy way to have a unique titles and headlines without slowing your site down with heavy graphics.
  • Magazine Layout Builder Extension – so you can take advantage of the ease of using Builder with the visual sophistication of a magazine layout.
  • ContactBuddy and GravityForms Styles (Extensions) built in – so once you install the specific plugins, you will have access to the advanced styling without having to touch any code.
  • Alternate HTML modules – so you can have different looking HTML modules without having to change the css code.

Blog entry announcing the release of Scooter



Live Demo

A quite stunning in its bold-yet-minimalist style. Similar to its related (sister?) theme Covell, Covert uses a minimalist, monochromatic style, but one that allows photographers and artists to display their work in a more dramatic and darker style.

Covert also includes 2 distinct navigation styles, making it easy to portray just the amount of "minimalism" you want, as well as the custom projects post type, making project organization and display a snap.

Blog entry announcing the release of Covert



Live Demo

Some of the other features that make this theme special:

  • Unique Navigation Styles – Fixed Left and Top Navigation
  • Encased Content Module – Content Module is ‘encased’ within the layout making it stand out from the other modules.

Blog entry announcing the release of Encased

Lucky 7


Live Demo

Some of the special features included in Lucky 7:

  • 7 awesome color palettes – which can be further customized using the Style Manager plugin – giving you a professional look with virtually no effort
  • The ability to select a different color for individual modules – making it easy to super-customize each portion of the page
  • Beautiful meta blocks for author info – making your site (and your authors) stand out from the crowd
  • Inset widgets and navigation for a unique, professional look
  • Additional custom theme settings, such as a simple setting to change the “read more” text, giving your site a special touch without having to know anything about code
  • Built-in iPhone-ready mobile theme
  • and popular rounded corners

Blog entry announcing the release of Lucky 7



Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Covell



Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Classen



Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Blueprint


Ionic – Sky


Live Demo

Ionic – Green


Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Ionic Sky and Ionic Green



Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Ionic theme




Blog entry announcing the release of Americana theme

Live Demo

Instructions for setting up Americana to look like the demo site

Americana - Mojave (Release Date: January 21, 2011)


Blog entry announcing the release of this theme

Live Demo

Americana - Libertas (Release Date: January 21, 2011)


Blog entry announcing the release of this theme

Live Demo

Americana - Interstate (Release Date: January 21, 2011)


Blog entry announcing the release of this theme

Live Demo

4 more themes in Foundation series

Foundation tropic.jpg

Foundation bonsai.jpg

Foundation glacier.jpg

Foundation blank.jpg

Blog entry announcing these

Foundation - WordPress theme for Churches and Ministries


Blog entry announcing the release of Foundation theme

Live Demo

Entree Pub


This is another theme in the restaurant series, with a little bit of a pub twist.

Blog entry announcing the release of Entree Pub theme

Live Demo



This is a child theme associated with Restaurant Block.

Live Demo

Blog Post


Anchor ChildTheme.png

Blog entry announcing the release of Anchor theme

Live Demo

Instructions on how to set up Anchor so it looks like the demo site


Slate ChildTheme.png

Blog entry announcing the release of Slate theme

Live Demo


Astro ChildTheme.jpg

Version 2 Release Announcement forum thread

Blog entry announcing the release of Astro theme


Default ChildTheme.png


Retro ChildTheme.png


Vintage ChildTheme.png


Coffee ChildTheme.png


Fire ChildTheme.png

Blog entry announcing the release of Retro, Vintage, Coffee and Fire themes

How to rename a child theme

1. Edit Theme Name in child theme's style.css.

Ex.: Change

Theme Name: Builder Child Theme - Default


Theme Name: My Awesome Theme

You can also change other values like Theme URI, Description, Author etc.

DO NOT delete or change Template: Builder

2. Change the name of child theme directory to your liking.

Ex.: Change




Ensure that there are no spaces in the name of child theme directory.

How to update a child theme

It is generally not recommended to update a child theme after it has been extensively customized.

However, if you would like to, follow these steps:

  1. Take a full backup of your site using BackupBuddy
  2. Make a list of changes and addition/deletions done to files and foldes in the current child theme directory
  3. Download the latest version of child theme, edit its style.css, change the theme name in the comments section at the top, change the theme folder name to something else. For details, see the above section on How to rename a child theme
  4. Re-apply the changes noted in step 2 to this theme
  5. Zip it up, install and activate this new theme
  6. Check the site and ensure that everything is alright. You can use a plugin like Theme Test Drive to see the site in older version of this child theme in another tab/browser
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