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==See Also==
== See also  ==
* [[Builder_Child_Themes:_Introduction|Introduction]]
* [[Builder_Child_Themes:_Video_Overview|Video Overview]]
* [[Builder_Child_Themes:_Installation|Installation]]
* [[Builder_Child_Themes:_Updating|Updating]]
* [[Builder_Child_Theme-Specific_Documentation|Child Theme-Specific Documentation]]
* [[Builder_Child_Themes:_Customizations|Customizations]]
** [[Builder_Child_Theme_Customizations:_How_to_Rename_a_Child_Theme|Renaming]]
* [[Builder_Child_Themes:_Installation|Builder Child Theme Installation]]
* Builder Child Themes Sales Page
* Builder Child Theme Video overview
* Child Theme Specific Documentation
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Builder utilizes a parent theme/child theme relationship. Child Themes operate on the foundation of Builder Theme - Core.

Child Themes provide specific design details, graphics and typography while Builder Theme - Core operates in the background to support Builder’s Layouts, Views and Style Manager features.

Builder boasts an impressive child theme library, an ever-growing collection of child themes designed with various features, plugin integrations and niche site considerations.

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