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Builder's Extensions extend or override the structure and/or style of a Buider Child Theme by providing additional code that can change the content, add additional features or modify the styling of the Layout. Extensions are applied to either a Layout or a View.

Builder's Default Extensions

Builder ships with 6 Extensions designed for displaying a listing of entries like a posts page, Category page or an archive, including:

  • Featured Image Grid & Showcase – Displays the featured image in a grid layout with colorbox popup
  • Featured Image Slider – Displays the featured image and post title of first 6 posts in a custom slider and the featured image, post title and excerpt for the remaining posts
  • Magazine Layout – Displays the featured image, post title and content excerpt in a grid layout
  • Portfolio Layout – Displays the featured image and post title in a grid layout
  • Teasers Layout – Image Left – Displays the featured image (floating left), post title, post meta and excerpt as teasers
  • Teasers Layout – Image Right – Displays the featured image (floating right), post title, post meta and excerpt as teasers.

Advanced Notes

An Extension is a directory which typically contains a functions.php file, a style.css file and a corresponding images directory. The default Extensions reside in extensions directory under the Builder Theme - Core directory. If you would like to make any changes to the extension files, copy the extension directory from Builder into the child theme under a directory named extensions.

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