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==See also==
* [[Builder_Layouts_Video_Overview|Video Overview]]
* [[Creating_a_Builder_Layout|Creating a Builder Layout]]
** [[Builder_Modules|Builder Modules]]
*** [[Builder_Header_Module|Header Module]]
*** [[Builder_Navigation_Module|Navigation Module]]
*** [[Builder_Image_Module|Image Module]]
*** [[Builder_Widget_Bar_Module|Widget Bar Module]]
*** [[Builder_Content_Module|Content Module]]
*** [[Builder_HTML_Module|HTML Module]]
*** [[Builder_Footer_Module|Footer Module]]
*** [[Builder_Duplicate_Sidebar_Widget| Builder Duplicate Sidebar Widget]]
** [[Builder_Modules:_Alternate_Module_Styles|Alternate Module Styles]]
* [[Applying_Builder_Layouts| Applying Layouts to Specific Posts/Pages]]
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1.1 WordPress General Settings Site Title and Tagline

By default, the Header Module uses the Site Title and Tagline as set in your WordPress Dashboard's General Settings. (Figure 1.1)

To add a Header Module to your Layout, click Add Module and select the Header Module from the list of available Modules.



Header Module Settings

Once the Header Module has been selected and added to the Layout, the Modify Header Module Settings box will appear. Customize the settings of the Header Module by selecting from the following options.


Available Header Module settings include:

  • Name - To help identify widget locations
  • Site Title - Specify “Show Site Title,” “Use Custom Site Title Text” or “Do Not Show Site Title”
  • Tagline - “Show Tagline,” “Use Custom Tagline” or “Do Not Show Tagline”
  • SEO - Recommended or custom settings for tags and divs
  • Sidebars - Add Sidebars for widgets to the left, right or on both sides of the Header Module

Click the Save button to save the Header Module Settings.

You'll now see the Header Module added to your Layout.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 11.14.26 AM.png

Advanced notes

The Header Module will also wrap the title and tagline in div tags with an exception for the title on a Home Page View. On the home page, the title will be wrapped in an h1 tag.

CSS Class


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