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The tools offered in the Import/Export settings tab allow you to export settings from or import settings into your Builder theme. This is helpful for transferring specific settings, including Layouts, from one Builder site to another Builder site.

Exports can also be used as a basic backup. Create a full export once you have your Builder theme configured the way you want it, save the export to your computer, and if you mess up your Layouts at a later time, you can import the Layouts as you originally had them.

The Site Exports section lists all your current exports. Each time you create an export or import an export file, the export will be listed in the Site Exports section. This allows you to easily keep track of the exports and download them as needed. You can also select to import a listed export. This can be helpful to quickly replace Layouts that have been accidentally modified or removed.

The Export Data section allows you to quickly generate an export.

The Import Data section allows you to import an export that you previously download from this or another site. Once you select the export file and click the Import button, you will be given a series of options that help you import the settings as desired.

Note: The exports created here will only include settings specific to Builder. No WordPress settings, WordPress content, or data from other themes or plugins will be included.

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