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Builder SEO plugin is currently in BETA. Please see

Builder SEO Plugin Beta Overview Video:

Builder SEO and AIO SEO plugins

If you have both AIO SEO and the Builder SEO plugin installed, you can ignore the "SEO Options" box provided by the Builder SEO plugin. By default, Builder's SEO settings will take a back seat when AIOSEO is present. So, even if you fill out both sets of options, only the AIOSEO options are being used.

In order to clean up your Post and Page editors, you can click the "Screen Options" tab at the top of each editor, uncheck the "SEO Options" option, and only see the "All in One SEO Pack" options from then on.


  1. The Builder SEO plugin by default uses "index, follow" for blog home pages, static home pages, and unique content (posts, pages, attachments, and other singular views) while using "noindex, follow" for all other views (search results, archives, admin pages, feeds, etc). All of these options are configurable as seen in this screenshot.