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The following videos are available at

Builder Basics

Learn all the basics of using iThemes Builder, from downloading, installing, using child themes, creating layouts, applying views and much more.

  • Downloading Builder
  • Installing Builder Theme Core
  • Installing Builder Child Themes
  • Exploring Builder Settings
  • Understanding Builder Layouts
  • Creating Builder Layouts
  • Applying Views
  • Using the Builder Style Manager
  • Builder Extensions
  • Builder Blocks
  • Getting Started with Builder Audio Block

Builder CSS

In this series of videos, you’ll learn how to use iThemes Builder and CSS to create unique customizations for your Builder sites.

  • Builder CSS: Overview
  • Builder CSS: Main Background
  • Builder CSS: The Header Module
  • Builder CSS: The Navigation Module
  • Builder CSS: Content Module
  • Builder CSS: Widget Bar Module
  • Builder CSS: Image, HTML & Footer
  • Builder CSS: Responsive CSS
  • Builder CSS: Advanced CSS

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