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Here is a list of all of the Carousel settings and a description of what each setting controls.

  • Group Title - This setting will allow you to change the title of the group at any time.
  • Carousel orientation and direction - This will change which direction the images slide.
  • Horizontal Alignment - This controls the horizontal alignment of Carousel on a page.
  • Entity width - This option is used to set the width of the entire Carousel container.
  • Images to show at once - This sets the amount of images to display at one time. If the entity isn't wide enough to show all of the images then it will hide any images that extend outside that width.
  • Scroll duration - This determines how long the scroll transition will last in milliseconds.
  • Pause duration - This is the amount of time that Carousel will pause in between each automatic transition.
  • Start delay - The amount of time after the page loads before a transition will happen.
  • Pause on hover - Option to pause transitions if a visitor hovers their mouse over Carousel.
  • Randomize image order each page load - Option to randomize the order that the images are displayed in each time the page loads.
  • Circular loop - When the carousel transitions to the end of the images it automatically transitions back to the beginning image.
  • Infinite - Set whether carousel infinitely loops through the images continuously transitioning through them.
  • Display navigation - Option to display buttons that allow visitors to manually control the transitions.
  • Display pagination - Option to display pagination for each of the transitions below the Carousel.

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