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By default, Tabber Widget allows a maximum of 10 tabs to be used in the Widgets section at one time.

  • You can change this number to any other number if you wish by following these steps:
    • 1 : Open the editor.php file in the wp-content/plugins/tabber-widget folder.
    • 2 : Replace 10 with the number you wish. Following are your options on how to do this:
      • 2A : Search for and replace 10 in that entire file with any other number you wish, depending on the number of tabs you want in Tabber Widget.
      • 2B : OR you can change the "10" to any other number, without the quotes, on the following 4 lines:
        • 1 : Line 107
        • 2 : Line 189
        • 3 : Line 225
        • 4 : Line 273
    • 3 : Save. You're done.

This MAY result in your Tabber Widget settings area to look different or strange because of the number of Tabs you choose above. However, you will still get the different number of tabs you wish with this method.

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