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ContactBuddy is a plugin that allows users to add a simple contact form to widgets, posts, and pages on their website. The ContactBuddy forms contain the following fields: name, email, subject, message, and have the option of adding a recaptcha validator. Submissions to the forms are sent to the email address set by the admin.

Check out ContactBuddy

Also check out our famous EmailBuddy, which allows you to send email broadcasts to subscribers. It is a fully in-house email newsletter solution for your WordPress!

ContactBuddy is a free plugin, and thus support on it is limited and not guaranteed in any manner. Check out our Free Plugins policies.

Customize ContactBuddy

Extra Customizations Policies

Check out the official policy and details on any Extra Customizations

Change Input Fields

You can change the width, border color or anything else for input fields in ContactBuddy by putting the related styling in your current WordPress theme's custom CSS file.

  • For example, to change the width and border colors of the input fields, you add the following to your theme's CSS file:
.contactbuddy-form ul li input.cbfit {
  max-width:500px !important; /* change this to any width */
  border-color: #004080; /* change this to any color */

Remove Bullets in OLDER IE Browsers

Full info and fix available in the General PluginBuddy "Remove Bullets in OLDER IE Browsers" section.

Allow Longer Admin Email Recipient Field

By default, the ContactBuddy "Recipient Email Address" field allows up to 45 characters of data. This means you can enter in one or more than one comma-separated email addresses, as long as they all fit within the 45 character limit of that field. This can be changed to your needs.

In admin.php file, inside contactbuddy/classes folder, on line 293, change the "45" values (listed twice) to the exact numeric value that you would like.

That will change the length of the Recipient Email Address field in the ContactBuddy admin panel, allowing you to enter longer or more than one comma-separated email addresses.